Li3a's new single

Not Knowing You

Out Now


I am Li3a (pronounced “L-e-e-z-a”) a singer, songwriter and producer based in Brighton, UK.


Since the summer of 2020, I started live streaming on a weekly basis. I had an early success with my online performances attracting 800k viewers per stream.


This experience changed the direction of my musical journey. The support provided by my online community has made possible the release of my new single "Not Knowing You" (out 30th April) as well as the follow up EP "Dear Broken Hearted". Thanks to them, I was encouraged and motivated to work on these songs and to finish them even though at times it was emotionally difficult to do it. 


"Not Knowing You" is different from the previous material that I put out, and has an acoustic and raw feel to it. This song describes the feeling of valuing your past even if it was painful.